See what everyone is saying!

Dr. Mishkin listened to my concerns and addressed my issues promptly and directly- you can’t ask for better than that in my opinion!!! He remembers and addresses my past concerns (from previous visits) to see my progress as well which makes me feel very comfortable! It was surprising to me that he was also in communication with my ENT specialist and knew what the the plans were there as well!! It is quite comforting to know that my health issues are treated as one unit- ME! Thank u Dr. Mishkin!
– Verified Patient

Takes time to explain your problem and and shows you the charts that apply to you – very impressed.
– Emil M.

Professional, friendly staff.
– Verified Patient

He was very thorough! Listened to all my concerns. He took a lot of time with me, which is very rare these days and really listened.
– Patricia H.

Dr. Mishkin was so wonderful. I am already sending my daughter to him. Very thorough.
– Elizabeth V.

Dr. Mishkin was very thorough, asked appropriate questions about my health, medications, etc. Took extra time to give me a list of other specialist that I need that will match my personality.
– Carol D.

Dr. Mishkin is a great Doctor. He knew exactly what was going on with me and was able to help me right away. He was very kind, friendly and easy to talk to. His staff was also very friendly and personable. I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for a great Doctor.
– Meg F.

Dr Mishkin is great! The office was busy but he saw me right on time and addressed all of my concerns. Office is run like a well oiled machine.
– Verified Patient

Great doctor easy to talk to. I recommend him to everyone who is looking for a caring person who will listen to what is bothering you.
– Tim D.

This is the kind of doctor I was looking for. Dr. Mishkin is very thoughtful and his bedside manor is outstanding. He listens to you and is a kind man. I highly recommend the doctor and his professional staff for their manor and service.
Joseph H.

I am fairly new to the area and it has been very challenging finding a great primary doctor and today I found one!! I have been to several doctors and have not had the best experience, until today. He listened to what I had to say and was patient and understanding. He made me feel comfortable and did not feel like he rushed me, as most doctors seem to do. His staff was helpful and friendly! I highly recommend Dr. Mishkin and his staff and will refer him to all friends and family!
– Verified Patient

Confident and thorough.
– Steven C.

Great, professional and friendly staff. DO very personable. Took his time. Highly recommend.
– Julie D.

Great staff! Nice modern office! AND they do blood work right on site. Very happy.
– Steven G.

Private office, not to crowded. Nice staff. Dr. Mishkin listened to what I had to say and he diagnosed the problem. I feel confident in his care. Not a hard office to find or get to for those who ride the BCT there are 2 buses (55 and 10) that can get u there or remotely.
– Randy W.

You know early on in your first appointment that you are with a professional physician. There are doctors and there are physicians and Dr. Mishkin is a real physician. The real proof is that he has not only made an accurate diagnosis of your malady but the day after your appointment you know that your health has been restored. There is a good reason why I drive 20 miles for medical help when needed and I live in a large metropolitan area with lots of choices. I recommend Dr. Mishkin to all.

Dr. Mishkin always been there for us. He and his staff are the best. We are very grateful to have him care about us.
– Elsebeth & Larry E.

Dr. David Mishkin became my primary doctor about 4 years ago. During which time I had thyroid cancer, leading to the surgical removal of my thyroid, glands and nodules. I’ve also dealt with ailments relating to the radiation treatment and damage. Furthermore, Dr. Mishkin was always who I went to first in regards to any medical issue.

I’d like to start with Dr. Mishkin’s office and location. Dr. Mishkin’s practice is extremely clean and inviting. I find that it’s located in a good area and easy to access right from federal highway.

Dr. Mishkin’s staff is quite extraordinary! I love them for the compassion and empathy they’ve always showed me. Even if their busy, I feel that nobody is ever over-looked or kind of pushed out the door. They take time with each patients needs and help. I’d especially like to point out Patti, she is the one who greets me with a smile and is always available to take my call! Many times Patty has worked things out and gotten me in same day. I very much appreciate all of this since the last time this was done I had the flu. Patti is very knowledgeable, proficient, kind and inviting! Porscha is a medical assistant I believe, she would be the one to draw my blood, take my vitals, etc. She is also very kind, personable and seems to love people and what she does.

Now to Dr Mishkin, since I first began seeing Dr. Mishkin, I always felt that he went out of his way to make sure he’d examine all avenues to come to a conclusion as to why I’d feel the way I did. He stayed on top of my synthroid and levels, therefore no need to go see an endocrinologist. Dr. Mishkin is very straight forward and he will be honest. He’s a very nice man and I’ve always enjoyed seeing him. I find that he’s very knowledgeable, friendly and all around a really nice man.

Anyone who seeks out him and his staff for any medical issue, check-up or emergency will be satisfied.

On a personal note: thank you Patti, Porsha and all the staff as well as Dr. Mishkin!
– JamieLynn C.